Car ride

On a lovely summer night, M. drives the car in company of V.

M: Pulling up under a row of huge green trees, I turn off the engine and turn to smile at you, my eyes roaming over your legs
Leaning over I smile before kissing you lightly, one hand strokes your cheek as the other gently traces along your shoulder
You lean back in the seat, relaxing as my hand curls around your breast through your dress, you exhaling into my mouth and your knees part slightly, I bite your lip tenderly before I slide my hand down the outside of your thigh
Gripping your knee I press your leg towards the door and run my fingers up your inside leg, your skin grows warmer as I near your pantie
My palm slides smoothly up your leg till my fingers brush the fabric of your panties, they feel so warm as I stroke along your nickers, I can feel your folds beneath as I break from our kids to bite your neck
You gasp and press against me feeling my teeth at your throat, as I squeeze I slip aside your now dampening panties to feel your lips, parting them slightly to dip my finger into your wetness
Circling the top of my finger around your clit, I smile as you thigh muscles fire and jolt, the hand on your face slips behind the head rest to grip your hair as I delve two fingers into your body
Your body snaps up at the intrusion, my dust gripping your hair keeps you head back as I begin to feed your pussy my fingers one at time
Your legs part as I finger you, my palm now wet with your juices, they smell delicious as I rub your clit with my thumb, you moan trapped to the seat as I toy with you
Reluctantly withdrawing my fingers I keep your head pinned back, reaching for my now straining trousers I undo the zip…..
Sitting forward I release my cock, springing out of my trousers, I stroke it as you stare , “take me in your mouth” I whisper into your ear then letting go of your hair
Suck me
V: I swallow all your cock at once since I’m already fucking excited
Just cant go slow, I move fast and keep moving my tongue around
M: “You greedy little thing” I say as you gobble me up
V: I cant help, you drive me crazy
M: My cock throbs in your mouth as you eagerly swallow my length, l look down as your head bobs in my lap, look up…….look into my eyes
V: Come for me, I want to feel your taste again
M: My breathing quickens as my eyes meet yours, you look stunning as your hair sways in tone to the flicks of your tongue, squirming in my seat I feel my body cross the threshold…….
Straining not too my legs lock out, toes curl as I shoots jets of hot salty come into your wonderful mouth, I groan out load as I empty my balls into your throat
Rising your beautiful face from my groin I throw you back into the chair…”back seat, now!” I pant, my come glistening on my cock
Forcing you back against the leather I slam into you, your legs wide apart against each window, one hand around your throat I plunge my fingers into your sticky little lips
Rubbing your juices frantically over your clit you moan as you trickle onto my seat
As you soak my leather I whip my hand away and ram my come covered fat cock hard into your pussy, you feel every vein pulse along it as I fill you up with hard meat
Hammering my full weight into your beautiful body, my hard muscular body slaps against you, you juices splash from your pussy as I fuck you into next week, the car bounces as I squeeze your throat flushing your face red
Pounding into you my cock spreading you deeply as your eyes flutter, you struggle to breath as your arse slips in the puddle of your wetness, we fall down, you now flat on your back on the seat as I fuck you so hard your head bangs against the door, “come for me” I cry out as my balls also against your arse
Your pussy clamps me tight as your thigh muscles fire erratically, I feel you splash my balls as you come around my cock


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