M. is an English Gentleman and V. his companion….

M: Well I shall simple strip off stood over you and pass you the oil…..With a very cheeky grin
V: Do you have any area that need special attention?
M: Yes I have terrible strain in my upper thigh miss, any assistance would be greatly appreciated
V: Ok, so lay on your stomach and I will help you with that
M: Laying down on the floor, a little awkwardly as I’m naked
V: I start working on your thights, dropping some warm oil on them
M: Your hands needing my muscles, feels rather good, a little too good for this position for a man
V: With my hands I spread the oil with a gentle gesture, the pressure of my fingers travel across your legs, from the outside to the inner tights. Is it getting to uncomfortable the position? We can change whenever you want. Your strong muscles are turning me on.
My hands go up a little, massaging the bottom of your butt occasionally traveling back down to the top of your of your tights
M: I rest up on my elbows to turn over, “much more comfortable” I say as I’m now facing up
V: Better remove my dress, otherwise the oil is going to ruin it
M: I watch you lift it straight over your head, stood there in your underwear as I lay in the floor naked.
V: In my black lace lingerie I recline over you massaging your chest
M: Your hands are so warm as you drag your nails over my chest
V: I move my hands over your chest, changing from soft pressure to nail dragging and back. Moving my body down your legs I make space so my hands can work on your sore legs
M: Do whatever you like with me.
V: You really dont have a choice, my dear. Today you’re my toy. Massaging your tights I intentionally rub my breasts against you while my fingertips brushed your cock. I keep moving my fingers around it, without touching… Just to tease you, then suddenly I lick it from the bottom to the top and slowly swallow it while massaging your legs. My warm mouth start to suck you while my tongue flicks around
M: Please sit that gorgeous little pussy of yours on my chin as you do….
V: My hands help me, caressing your shaft while I move my tongue around the head. I attend your request and sit on your face, that only drives me even more crazy making me suck you harder
M: Your sweet little lips part as my tongue lashes along your groove, you taste amazing as I feast on your nectar. I’m going to come in your mouth V……
V: please do, when you say this I got more excited, sucking with all my will while moving my hips against you. I’m coming too, my wetness dripping on your face… Come for me, in my mouth..
M: Reaching up I grab your ass pulling you down onto my mouth, your juices trickling into my tongue, make me come and tell me how it feels as I stroke my cock faster
V: It drives me insane, increasing the intensity of my orgasm, your juice going down my throat makes me feel so fulfilled….
After that I take you out my mouth and slowly lick it, cleaning all the juice from your cock while still moving my hand up and down in a gentle way causing you to shake and shiver to my touch, curling your back against me
M: You naughty little vixen, I have just come all over my chest and stomach
V: Hope you got enough time to clean yourself…. Since I’m not there to do it for you
M: Well as it’s now running slowly down my 6 pack I will need to shower!!!!

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