V: I have finals this week….
M: Shall I leave you to it miss?
V: Not really….
M: Shall I try to distract you then?
V: I have half an hour before leaving…
M: Oh really?
V: Why would I lie?
M: So may I ask what are you wearing?
V: Just my warm robe…
M: Cute, fancy sitting on my knee and letting me arm my hands in it?
V: How cold are your hands?
M: They are warming up. Place them wherever you like
V: hum…
M: Anywhere
V: I lean to kiss you guiding your hands to my breasts. The touch of your hands on my bare skin gives me a chill.
M: Our mouths meet as your perk breasts fill my hands, your nipples hardening on my palms
V: I whisper in your ear “what do you want today, dear?”, and gently bite your neck
M: I moan as your teeth sink into my skin… I want you all over me I gasp as I pull you into me
V: I remove your shirt and my robe, reaching for your trousers
M: Hurt me a little miss, then soak me
V: A little shy I start biting your chest…. But the taste and the heat of your gorgeous body quickly makes me lose control…. My nails sink into your skin as I get hotter
M: Hurt me miss, use me, then I’m using you
V: I reach for my robe’s belt and blindfold you “you’re mine now”. I push you against the bed, finally removing your trousers
M: Blind I shiver with interest as I surrender my body to you,be as filthy as you like miss but remember, once you’re done….It’s my turn and I intend to be terrible
V: My nails sinking on your legs while my breasts rub over your cock
M: The stabbing pain stings me, driving me wild
V: My warm mouth slowly takes you inside, my nails still deep on your legs. Moving my tongue along your shaft, enjoying all of it
M: I feel the sensitive head of my cock scrape past your teeth as your nails trace crimson lines along my skin
V: Suddenly I stop and bite your inner tights, making you cringe in a mix of pleasure and pain
M: I jolt and freeze as you nip me hard
V: Using my hands I press your cock in a firm way, stroking in a slow motion… Giving small bites all over your tights
M: Between the bites and kisses I rock against your body, desperate to have my way with you, my cock throbs and twitches as you suck and bite
V: I climb over you, letting you in my damp pussy with a moan….
M: You naughty little thing I gasp as I feel myself burst into your gorgeous body
V: Pressing my body hard against yours, I move myself rubbing my clit on your shaft
M: I want you to drench me in you miss, I want you running down my hard six pack
V: The movement grows stronger, as my pussy starts pulsing around you…. My juice flowing over us…
M: You squeeze me as you ride your blindfolded lover, spray me miss as you wish, mark me as yours
V: I grab your hands and place on my ass, you grab it hard helping me go faster and harder
M: The tips of my fingers press at your cute little ass as I help you grind against me
V: I’m coming… With a loud moan, going faster than ever, my breasts moving due to the hard movement
M: I press my finger into your ass as I lean up to bite your nipple, cum got me miss
V: My nails sink on your chest as my pussy press you, making me scream and wetting you even more
M: You buck and writhe on my hard body as you ride me, squirting my groin as you come
V: The extra excitement makes me scream louder, my body shaking as I drag myself against you.
M: The pleasure comes so strong, I can’t even move anymore…The uncontrollable spasms shaking my whole body
M: Your sweet nectar runs over my balls as you grind yourself over me. Ripping my blindfold free I see your face, racked with pleasure, your beautiful face red with exertion as you tremble on me… You look gorgeous
V: Exhaust I collapse over your body, still shaking… Playfully running my nails over your arms… Trying to catch my breath and being interrupted for remaining spasms
M: Smiling I caress your cheek “is it my turn miss” I ask
V: Unfortunately I have to go dear…. Next time I’m all yours…


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