Late rendezvous

A gift from M. to V.

It’s raining outside as you close the windows, believing work has caught up with me again you leave the door on the latch just in case and retire for the evening.
Catching a glance of yourself in the mirror you smile, your gorgeous body wrapped in black lace lingerie, “oh well” you sigh as you walk in your heels to your bed, dropping into the warm sheets you wrap yourself up…..annoyed….but hopeful.
Waking suddenly you look at the clock, you can just make out the time as your eyes adjust, a breeze catches your hair with a familiar scent, you rub your eyes as you hear the door close….Sitting up now smiling you watch as I walk into your bedroom, soaked to the skin in a dirty uniform. “Please excuse the boot prints on your floor miss” I say as I grin wickedly at you.
Standing up you wiggle your hips as you walk towards me, your smile matching mine as you jump at me wrapping your legs around me, catching you. You look into my eyes and purr…”get me filthy” as your tongue dives into my mouth.
Tearing my shirt off from between us I pin you against the wall, kissing you deeply as I squeeze your ass frantically trying to rehearse my belt. Pushing me back you slide down the wall, your beautiful eyes never leaving mine as you lick your lips to tease me. Sitting on your knees you pull open my trousers to release my cock, leaning in you lick the tip as you smile with your eyes, slowly circling …Then swallow the head deep, I groan out loud as you giggle to yourself with my meat in your mouth.
As you suck on my desperate throbbing cock I lean down, you look up a little surprised as I grip your right thigh, as you’re about to stop and ask what I’m doing I yank you up into the air by your leg, grabbing the other leg so you’re upside down. Your hair swinging below you, hooking your thighs over my shoulders I press you to the wall, my cock bobbing in your face. You open your mouth as I thrust it into your throat. Happy that your back pleasing me I lick my watering lips, part your folds with my dirty hands and lazily lick your pussy under your black lace panties. You moan as I do causing vibrations to run down my shaft in your mouth, I begin to rock and thrust my dick into you as I hungrily suck and slurp on your delicious juices.
Grinding into your throat as you coat my chin in your nectar, pulling you from the wall I carry you to your bed. Tearing you from me I throw you into it, you laugh as you bounce into the pillows. Jumping onto you I pin you down posed above you, you have dirt on your cheek and a beautifully naughty smile on your face as I admire you…Then plunge my fat veiny dick deep into your sweet little pussy, you gasp as your eyes grow wide, wrapping your legs around me as I pound you into the bed.
Thrusting into your body you kiss me hard biting my lip as you pulse around me. Lifting from you I pull you by your hair to turn you over. You lift up immediately on all fours and wiggle your ass at me, looking over your shoulder and grinning. Gripping your hips with my grubby hands I feed my cock back into your pussy as I watch your ass hole wink at me, steadying my breath as I slowly pound into your ass, you jolt forward with each push, your hair flicking forwards and back as you begin to come.
You press your fingers to your dripping clit as I fuck you powerfully, circling your folds. Your inner thighs spasm as you feel the wave rear up, screaming out load you feel it crash through your body as you orgasm. Your fingers ripping at the sheets and your toes curling as I pummel your pussy. Your muscles grip me like a vice causing me to loose control, as I’m about to burst you wriggle from me and turn. Smiling you open your mouth and grip your breasts as I explode all over your stunning body.
I cry out as I fire come all over your breasts and chin, splashing your mouth and catching your teeth, you greedily lick your lips as I collapse over come with pleasure and exhaustion.
Curling you up in my body I wrap my still quivering arms around you, you cuddle in under my chin and pull the covers over us…..”sorry I’m late” I pant as our hearts best against each other…

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