Just the beginning…

D. is a married woman, and so is K.

D.: I like you playing with the devil in my mind.

K.: She is a perfect playmate for my devil

D.: I think you’re right…You are tempting on soo many levels

K.: Maybe if we were close we wouldn’t get so far….

D.: We would… I would have a hard time staying away. Your passion for the arts, the way your mind works…the way you like to play…I would be too tempted by you

K.: Goal accomplished. Blushing

D.: Didn’t even mean to this time. I’m getting better

K.: Yes, you are


K.: Oh my. That’s absolutely incredibly hot

D.: I know

D.: I think I watch for 5 min straight

K.: I’ll probably watch it later again.. and again… and again…

K.: I need that toy…

D.: And again…me too

D.: That mental image has a certain little part of my anatomy throbbing

K.: Damn Devil…

D.: I wish I could see the mental flashes in your mind right now

K.: Very similar to the one you sent me… Just longer

D.: damnnnn… Kitten

D.: I’m wondering what you taste like, sound like…what do you look like when your back arches off the bed….

K.: Oh Devil…

D.: I am so so wet…

K.: So am I…

K.: I think we should take a break…

D.: …….

D.: Fuck ????

D.: Ok

K.: Your words are echoing in my mind

D.: I’m still wondering…soo soo soo bad

D.: Sooooooo goooood

K.: Damn us Devil…

D.: Just say the word…When you want we can try to stop…

K.: I guess try is the key word…

D.: I gonna be honest though…I don’t really want to. So, that’s all up to you to say

K.: It’s sooo wrong… But sooo good…

D.: I know. I light up like a fire

K.: Oh yes…

D.: It’s addictive

K.: Just watched again..

D.: You are sooo… going to have a nice session with yourself. I’m going to imagine it. You’re killing me tonight you know that…

K.: I’m not doing anything…

D.: You are in my devilish mind and I’m pretty sure you’re lying

K.: What would I be doing?

K.: I’m going to bed now… Goodnight devil

D.: You want me to go there Kitten… Ohhhhh you evil evil woman!! I should send it to you to read first thing in the morning!

K.: And I’m evil?????

D.: You can’t hold a candle to me in this department dear…I make you a puddle at the breakfast table

K.: Oh dear….

D.: Should I behave…let you start your morning as a good girl

K.: …. Night

D.: Good girl or bad girl….? What do you want with your morning coffee? We can bring a different meaning to coffee and cream.

K.: Oh Devil…. Deliciously bad Devil….

D.: I want to do really bad things to you…

K.: Really bad things…

D.: Lay you out on your table and tie your arms and legs to the legs…spread open like a feast just for me

D.: Pull up a chair… I should stop… Or I am going to get real graphic and I don’t know if you really want that

D.: I’ll let you be a good girl in the morning…have erotic dream of me, I hope

K.: We will see…

D.: We will…pretty sure you’re staring in one of mine

K.: Night for the last time tonight


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