A little deeper

D. is in hospital recovering from a heart condition.

K.: I’m smelling like sex….

D.: Ohhhhh and I’mmmm the devil

D.: I wonder if you fingers have a lingering taste of you… If I could suck the honey right off of them….

K.: Fingers are clean… Didn’t have time to play…

D.: I was so looking forward to it too. Then it’s got to be your panties… Are they soaking wet?

K.: I had to change them

D.: New goal. What were you thinking about so intently???

K.: Was our convo about nails ….

D.: Yup…instant heat, kitten. I think I may purrr for you this time.

K.: Hummmm….

D.: Shit, I don’t know how far I am allowed to go with this….can I say whatever I want?

K.: Yes

D.: My whole entire body just caught fire

K.: I swear I get worried t your heart….

D.: It’s fine…if it speeds up its all the better I want them to catch the rhythm on their monitors. I am fine though

K.: Haha, ok dear

D.: It’s my clit we should worry about! I pretty sure it’s close to exploding it’s throbbing so hard

K.: Ohhhh…. Dangerously delicious….

D.: Yes and speaking of dangerous…we need to put on hold.

K.: Ok

D.: Wife just came in and this particular room. Is not safe open for her

D.: All I can think about is licking and biting a trail from your ankle up along your calf to place a bite and a gentle kiss in your kneecap before lifting it to place a kiss behind your knee; hooking it over my shoulder and continuing to nip little red flowers across your pale inner thigh. Give you a long slow lick following the junction where your thigh meets hip bone to bite down and suck hard enough you’ll wear me there for days. Your scent is surrounding me; your slick heat leaving me singed as it brushes alongside my cheek.

D.: You with a slight turn of my head I could be right where you want me. But I wont…I’m gonna keep looking at you till you decide you want it enough to reach out and take it…. If you want to…

K.: Oh Ferri….

D.: What is it kitten….

K.: I want it so badly…. I’ve been thinking about it the whole day…

D.: Take it… What do have to do? I’m so close…you can feel my breath on you…

K.: My hands avidly reach out for your hair, pulling you in my direction. This is soooo wrong… And sooo good… Also so new

D.: I lick you with the flat of my tongue from the bottom of your pussy up to wrap my lips around your clit… Flicking it lightly with the very tip of my tongue… I know…it’s OK to tell me what you want though. It’s ok for you to come and get it too. I’m dripping hun…

K.: So good… I do feel a little lost, unsure what to do… So am I…

D.: It’s ok….I’ll take care of you…you just tell me how you are or would react. So I know if you like what I’m doing…ok?

K.: Oh Ferri, I would love you to take care of me… My lips are not enough, I’m biting my fingers…

D.: Kitten….I swear to God I could cum right now thinking about it.

D.: Kitten……..

K.: Yes?

D.: I want to see you cum… I want you to cum for me

K.: What do you have in mind?

D.: I have very little mind left at the moment darling.

D.: I just know I want you

K.: All the blood somewhere else…

D.: Yesss. I’m pretty sure dripping out of me. And I am dripping

K.: My panties are soaked….

D.: Mine too. Are you somewhere you can touch yourself

K.: Husband is out with friends…

D.: Have you been fucking yourself thinking about this

K.: I have …

D.: I have cum to thoughts of you soo many times this week

K.: Thinking of our bodies together…. Hands exploring… Mouth, tongue, teeth, nails….


D.: Exactly. I want every inch. Bite into the apple of your ass. My kitten… You just shut my mind down

K.: Just repaying the favor…

D.: You just did it. Because I am floundering here. Soo sexy…those panties are sooo sexy on you

K.: I’m glad you liked it

D.: just want to dive into your pussy Kitten…

K.: The way it’s wet it would be a real dive…

D.: Suck on one lip at a time. Giving just the tiniest tug with my teeth

K.: Grabbing your hair and pulling you closer….

D.: Lap at you. I love that

K.: Tasting me while I kiss you

D.: Nudge you clit with the tip of my nose just before I plunge my tongue into you wet hot sex. Feel you flutter around my tongue. I love tasting myself on someone else

K.: Tasting… Trying you….

D.: I’ll dip my fingers in me and offer them to you for a taste if you like…But my mouth isn’t leaving your pussy till the kitty gives me her cream

K.: Oh my….

D.: I’m biting my own knuckles now…

K.: I want to taste you

D.: I have one rule for you kitten…if you want it come and get it…. Tell you what…You can sit here on my face and you can get whatever you like…I’ll spread my legs nice and wide for you

K.: As if I could go anywhere with your tongue giving me pleasure… Oh, what a delicious idea…I’m getting dizzy with all the thoughts going through my mind

D.: I pull those hips down and plant your pretty pussy right back where it belongs. On my mouth. What are you doing to yourself right now?

K.: Fingers playfully playing around my so wet pussy…. Just teasing me..

D.: If I could I’d be knuckle deep in myself right now. Go on

K.: It’s so sensitive, just a touch and it makes me tremble

D.: Keep telling me. I’m thinking of that trembling pussy we watch orgasming.You clenching around nothing right now. Keep going

K.: Sliding fingers over the lips, spreading my honey…

D.: I bet you are so sweet too

K.: Sliding fingers over the lips, spreading my honey… I’ve been told I am…

D.: I’d suck the honey right off those fingers. I believe it

K.: I am torn between arousal and sleep… Either way, brain is failing

D.: I understand. I’ve had 30 min sleep in 24 hours. They want me up and walking the halls every few hours. I don’t think I will get much more tonight

K.: I’m sorry for you dear

D.: Please don’t ever be. I am fine. I vent I’m thankful you let me. Don’t feel sorry though.

K.: Oh please, I’m thankful for the inspiration…

D.: It is without a doubt my pleasure to give. We do suit each other well as a playmates…

K.: We do… I’m really shutting down

D.: Yes we do. Go and rest

K.: Night dear. Sweet dreams

D.: Goodnight

K.: Night

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