M.: Oh shame…. Have you warmed up yet miss?

V.: Trying… Coffee, blanket, heater, cat….

M.: Oh bless, so you wouldn’t want to be tied down scantily dressed then? Too cold?

V.: To be honest thinking of removing clothes don’t sound very appealing now…

M.: Ah, sorry miss, are you ok?

V.: Agh, I wish my house was warmer… Or have someone to help me get warm…

M.: Want me to come start a fire?

V.: If I had a fireplace yes…. Maybe you can take me somewhere hotter

M.: Oh really? Like you following me into your bedroom dressed in a uniform?

V.: You really enjoy your uniform….

M.: I mean you in one

V.: Oh… Anything in mind? I can bet you can heat me up…

M.: No no, would like your thoughts on the subject… Do bare in mind it may get ripped

V.: Hum, let me think…

M.: Waiting patiently…

V.: A black leather police uniform…

M.: Hmmmm, I thought I was going to arrest you?And tie you up

V.: So I guess you need to be the bad guy…

M.: Ha ok, come get me then police lady, but I’m not playing by your rules…

V.: I reach for your hands trying to handcuff you. But you’re faster and turn me over, handcuffing my hands on my back. “What are you going to do with me, mister?”

M.: Grinning I press you back as you struggle, your wonderful breasts pushed out in front of you. Gripping your shirt I drag you to me, your breasts press to my chest as I lean you back against the wall and knock the hat from your head

V.: You’re a very naughty boy…

M.: I am I say as my hands slips down your skirt and into your panties,t easing your smooth little lips…

V.: Moaning I let go the resistance, surrendering to your will…

M.: Pulling your hair back I lick your neck a little as my finger brushes between your folds. Smooth skin suddenly becomes slippery as I feel your body react to being helpless. Dipping my fingertip into your wetness I retract my hand and press my moist fingertip to your mouth

V.: Hum, I never tasted myself…. I liked it, I say after twirling my tongue around your fingertip

M.: Now that was naughty I say as bite your neck. My hands tear open your shirt revealing your ample breasts before darting up your skirt, violently ripping your panties off, they’re warm and damp as I hold them…. Open your mouth miss, these will be far more fun if you do as you’re told, I say with a cheeky smile

V.: I can’t disobey you, sir…. You know how to get what you want from me.

M.: Rolling your panties up into a ball I bring them to my face, smelling your sweet excited fragrance before stuffing them into your willing open mouth. Forcing you back I kick your feet apart as I feed finger after finger into your now soaked pussy, you moan into the fabric as you bite on your own panties. Hands cuffed behind you and breasts on show I begin to rub your pussy as I suck and bite hard on your nipples, your legs go weak but I keep you standing

V.: Hmmmm….

M.: As you moan away I slip my dripping hand free and let you drop to the floor, sat on your cute little ass as you look up, tears run from your eyes a little as the pleasure makes you want more

V.: I’m so wet right now…..

M.: I loosen my trousers, you inches from me as I release my cock. Gripping it I slap it across your beautiful face and then gently wipe a singe tear from your cheek with the tip. Pulling your panties free I look down at you…. Suck I say as I wonder what to do with your panties next

V.: You want to hurt me, don’t you?

M.: A little

V.: I grasp while swallowing you with my face red, looking disturbed I suck you hard

M.: Your mouth envelopes me. Cupping the back of your head I chock you on my cock, a little at first, then again longer, your pretty face turns red as you gasp for air, spittle dripping from your mouth

V.: In a helpless way I try to breathe, enjoying having you so deep in my mouth

M.: Pulling free you gulp down air as you struggle to clear the saliva from your mouth. Gripping your hair I lift you and march your struggling body to the table, casting you over it face down I grab your ass cheeks and splay them. You have the cutest little ass I say as I roll your panties along your inner thigh soaking up your wetness. Parting your lips I feed your now sodden knickers into your pussy, leaning in close your scents fills my nostrils exciting me as I lazily circle your ass hole with my tongue….

V.: Ah, yes….That’s so good…

M.: Now then miss I say between spirals, let’s see how naughty and obedient you can be I purr… Do as I say…

V.: Hmmm, I moan nodding my head

M.: As I remove your panties I want you to do something for me I say as I spit on the tip of my saliva covered cock and kids the tip to your ass hole, playfully pressing it against you and enjoying your ass opening eagerly then closing

V.: Yes, I would do anything for you…. Just don’t stop…

M.: Rearing over you, you feel my weight build behind my cock, your cuffed hands against my hard stomach as your ass hole stretches almost about to swallow my fat hard cock… Ready? I say as I reach down to grab the tip of your panties just sticking out of you

V.: Yes,sir….

M.: One hand in your panties and the other gripping your hair….

V.: Waiting is driving me crazy

M.: Ready?… I whisper into your ear, tugging a little on your lodged panties, the tugging sending shivers over your clit

V.: Yes, what do you want from me sir?

M.: “Piss for me” I whisper as I rip the panties free. Your clit pulses as the wet hot material is pulled out, you jolt back in pleasurable alarm spearing your tight little ass right onto my fat slippery cock. You felt me throbbing deep inside you as I rip your head back and my balls slap against your cheeks

V.: Ahh, I… don’t…know…. if… I… can…. I say between moans as I press my ass against you….

M.: Releasing your hair, I grip your hips and fuck your ass hard, pounding your cheeks. Your restrained body my toy as my fat dick punishes your ass

V.: With a lot of effort, since I’m so excited, I manage to attend your request…The hot liquid dripping over my tights makes me contract my whole body as a wave of intense pleasure runs my body

M.: Your liquid splash over my balls as they slap against your ass driving me wild, giving into my urges I fuck as hard as I can as you shower me in your hot amber juices….Your ass contract trapping me tight,I can’t hold on

V.: Don’t meed to, come…

M.: I throw back my head…. I can’t hold it I yell as my body is about to erupt….

V.: Come, fill my hole with your hot juice

M.: With a last pound I come, your ass so tiny can’t take the load and me, my own come forces me out of you. As I fall back, my cock slips free. Your body squirts my own seed back at me splashing my chest and stomach, I fall back panting hard to see your tiny ass wiggling as my come runs down your thighs….

V.: You’re so dirty…. I loved it…

M.: I am, but you are a very naughty little minx…. Already wondering how to top that miss

V.: Let’s say we are a great match….

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