V.’s gift

*Illustration by Tina Maria Elena – Make Love – Watercolor Series nr. 17 http://tinamariaelena.com/

M.: How is your morning?

V.: A little headache…

M.: Oh, need looking after?

V.: Well, you know what they say…Usually headache is because there’s too much blood on your head… I guess you can help me with that

M.: So you don’t object to me kissing up your legs and nibbling your thigh?

V.: Not at all… I would highly encourage…

M.: Playfully biting your calf as I run my teeth over the back of your knees, eager to kiss my way up to those panties I got a little wet earlier

V.: What happens so easy when I talk to you…

M.: I love the idea of the sweet and attractive lady in your picture… Moaning as my hot tongue curls under your damp underwear and slips into you. Makes me very very hard miss

V.: Makes me very wet… And moaning to myself….Glad I’m at home alone

M.: Hard to type and stroke at the same time

V.: Well, maybe I can help…

M.: Please do miss… Pretty please

V.: As you slip your tongue inside me my whole body writhe

M.: You taste so sweet and a little salty, you smell amazing as my mouth sucks on your fleshy lips

V.: I invite you to my bed, I can barely walk as you make me weak…

M.: Please don’t stop miss

V.: Laying down I pull you over me, our hot bodies meeting with a little spark. I whisper in your ear “I miss you inside me…” Slowly you enter my wet lips, little by little, the waiting making it even more intense

M.: You just made a bead of pre cum drip from my cock… Don’t stop!

V.: All in you stop, look into my eyes, small pleasure tears appearing. With a strong movement you stroke inside me, making me cringe, moan and moving towards you

M.: Phone now perched on the pillow as I cup my balls… Have me anyway you like miss as I stroke my cock for you

V.: Hmmm, wish I was there to help…. Pushing me back into the bed you keep the slow movement, making me want even more

M.: If you were here I would have you straddle my mouth as I stroked my cock at your pretty face

V.: My back arching every time you move away. At this point I’m going crazy, begging you for more…

M.: My heart is hammering, don’t stop miss, tell me terrible things as I look at your picture

V.: You get away and with a precise movement turn me around, leaving me in all fours. Grabbing my hair you say “Do you want it harder?”

M.: Now biting my lip

V.: Yes, please…. Fuck me hard!

M.: I love it when you talk like that

V.: “As you wish, miss” you say. With a strong movement you get all in, my whole body arching I let a scream of pleasure scape. One hand pulling my hair, the other in my ass pulling me closer to you. Moving fast,your balls slapping against me, I moan like crazy…

M.: You dirty minx you are going to make me cum on my six pack miss, be as filthy as you can

V.: I’m all yours, the pleasure you make me feel leaves me helpless… My whole body surrendered to your will. Noticing that you introduced a finger in my button, I react immediately with a stronger moan

M.: You filthy girl! I love it

V.: Using my wetness in your favor you change your finger for your cock. Moaning changing to screams, I pull my ass against you, my body raising from the bed with pleasure. You push me back down, bending me over so you can go deeper. I’m pounding with pleasure, dripping, enjoying so much having you inside me. You stroke harder and harder, getting closer to cum… Saying that makes you lose your mind, going even stronger you release your hot liquid inside me with a roar… Hope you enjoyed sir…

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