Dinner Diaries part 1

Stepping into his wife’s office, Taylor saw her busy talking to her secretary. He had come around for lunch, “and a lot more” he thought.

Looking over, his wife, Eliza, pointed to the couch in the corner, signalling for him to wait. Smiling, he sat down, looking at her, and the brunette haired secretary, Elena, standing there taking notes.

“Beautiful” he thought as he stated at her curvaceous body, the dress hugging her skin tightly, the shape of her ass appealing to all. His wife looking over, saw her husband staring at her secretary. Smiling, she kept on giving her notes, all the while the thought of his husband wanting her secretary turned her on.

After a length of time, they finished.

Getting up from her chair, Eliza walked Elena out, telling her not to disturb them for the next half an hour, she closed the door behind her.

“Hi babe” Eliza said, bending down to kiss her husband, her lips lingering on his for a moment longer than usual. Pulling her down, Taylor kept kissing her as she sat across his lap, her pussy lying right over his cock.

“You do know that she is my subordinate”, Eliza said in between kisses, softly, a smile dancing on her face.

“And?” Taylor asked, his one hand in her hair, another around her waist, kissing her passionately.

Smiling, Eliza didn’t answer, instead pulling away from him, she put her hands on his shoulders for support, unzipping her dress on the sides to free her legs, she took off her panties, smiling as she placed them in his lap. Slowly she moved her ass on his lap, teasing him, her pussy rubbing against his pants, her hands holding him still. Slowly she kept going, bending down to kiss him intermittently while she kept massaging his cock with her pussy.

Feeling his cock rise inside his pants, she slowed to a halt, smiling, while he hardly took a breath. Opening his pants, she saw his cock, erect and buzzing. Pushing his pants down, she held the cock between her thighs, feeling it’s heat against her skin. Teasing him, she ran her fingers along its throbbing nerves, smiling as he closed his eyes, sighing contently with every rub of her skin against his cock..

Placing her pussy on top of his cock, she rolled her tongue across her lips, teasing him. Moving slowly, she felt her pussy lips rub against his cock, his breath getting heavier.¬†Everytime she hit the top, pressing down on it. Feeling him ready to cum, she bent down, placing her lips on his, trapping his sighs as she increased her pace, making his cock strain for release, his grip on her hair getting tighter and tighter till with the loudest sigh of pleasure, he came, the cum ejecting out of his cock and onto his stomach… Smiling, she stopped. His grip on her hair loosening as he breathed easier.

Still smiling, she ran her finger along him cum and took it to her mouth, sucking deeply on it as he watched, their gaze barely leaving each other. Taking her panties, he wiped the cum off his body, wiping the remaining drops off his cock for good measure. Handing her the panties he watched as she put them on, zipping her dress back up… All dressed, she kissed him again, the cold of his cum stark against her warm pussy.. “so?” He asked her at the door, smiling teasingly.. “we shall see” she replied, kissing him, her hand trailing across his front, his gripping her ass firmly… Couple of hours later, with the now dry panties rubbing against her pussy, she called in Elena. “I want you to come by the house tonight, we have to discuss some matters” Eliza said. “Er um.. okay”, Elena replied, unsure. “Good, see you then. That’s it for now” Eliza said, picking up her purse as she started to leave office for the day. “Close the office behind yourself” she told Elena before walking out, “and be there at 7 sharp”. Watching Eliza walk away, Elena stood there, confused. Her boss had never invited her home before. “Maybe it has something to do with my work” she thought, still confused, and mildly curious as she walked back to her desk…

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