D.: I found a pic for you. It’s for a very in charge kitty


D.: You even have your crop so you won’t miss the ruler

K.: Would need to learn how to use it….

D.: Not hard…

K.: Unless you wanted hard…

D.: I like it hard…It can also sooth. Just the leather pads rubbing away the sting of a good hard smack

K.: I think I haven’t been dry for more than two hours on the last days…

D.: Me either. I can feel my heart beat in my clit right now

K.: That’s a better way to monitor your heart….

D.: Far better. I like a gentle smack of the crop right on my pussy.

K.: I would like to try that

D.: For yourself or you want to take the crop to me?

K.: Both

D.: I’m game for either. Have you ever gently, gently smacked yourself there while masturbating?

K.: I just did…

D.: You liked it. Fuck….

K.: I did

D.: I could cry with how badly I want to taste you

K.: I want it so badly…

D.: I want to suck your clit in and swirl it with my tongue as I slip two fingers into your heat…Fuck are you hot and wet, baby….

K.: Oh gosh… Had to moan now…. Glad I’m alone…

D.: I reach up with my free hand and cup your breast

K.: Oh dear…. Nails sinking on your head, pulling you closer

D.: Squeeze just a bit hard slightly leaving the crescent indentation of my nails before rolling and tugging your nipple. I look up from between your legs…Are you looking back? Is your head thrown back with your eyes blown and rolling behind their lids? Tell me. I speed up my finger and start hooking them…finding that special place

K.: Our eyes meet during a brief moment, as the pleasure you’re causing me makes hard to keep them open. My breasts up and down, fast as my breath intensifies

D.: My hand slides up from your breast, up your chest to glide up to your throat

K.: Arching my back against your hand

D.: That’s it kitten…

K.: I’m all yours devil

D.: I want to feel you gasp for air, run my fingers along the straining muscles in your neck…Cup your chin and slip my thumb between your lips

K.: I’m loving this…

D.: I’m fucking you hard now… Suck on that thumb kitten… Make it good because I’m going to follow your lead on your clit

K.: My tongue playing around your thumb, while sucking it passionately…. Moaning escaping, getting louder…

D.: I swing a leg over your thigh and start rocking… Spreading my heat all over you… I just need some friction… I’m on fire from fucking you… I hummmmm onto you sending that vibration from clit up the spine and out to the tips of your fingers

K.: Oh, this is good….

D.: I’m soo wet Kitten…I’m close to cuming just writing this imagining I’m there

K.: I’m cuming Devil…

D.: Fuck… I pull my fingers out and shove my tongue in…I want all that sweetness kitty

K.: It has so much

D.: I love the quiver of you around that muscle… I’ll clean you all up hun…I won’t waste any… Fucccck meeee….soooo hot. This is too hot

K.: Yes, so fucking hot

D.: How do you feel….

K.: I’m shaking

D.: I want to kiss you so very badly

K.: Intense….

D.: Very… You’re beautiful. That was perfect. You are so erotic in your very nature….sighhhhh… makes me weak

K.: Sorry, needed both hands for a moment…

D.: Do I want a description of what took 2 hands?

K.: One for clit, one for inside…

D.: Ohhhhh, I love thisssss

K.: I’m so relaxed now… And wet…. And hands smelling sex. I really need a nap now… It was soooo good

D.: Go rest

K.: So good

D.: Sooo goood

K.: Talk to you later darling

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