Dinner Diaries part 2

Reaching home, Eliza went straight to her bedroom. All the way to her home, she had been imagining scenarios, turned on by the thoughts of having to share her husband with another woman. Feeling a tingle running through her body, one that fixated on her pussy, she had told the driver to hurry up. Now standing in her bedroom, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Alone, at last!!” She thought as she put her bag down.

Unzipping her dress, she let it fall to the floor, walking out of it, wearing only the cum stained panties. She ran her hand across her front and down to her pussy, feeling the dried up cum with her fingers. “A night to get ready for” she thought as she took off her panties, sniffing the cum stains before rubbing her pussy with them, vigorously. Smiling, she walked towards the shower before catching herself in the mirror. Stopping, she gazed at her body in the mirror, opening up her legs to have a better look at her pussy. “Still young” she thought as she ran her fingers over it. Smiling, she went to the closet, taking out an assortment of toys. A few pairs of cuffs, few whips, rope, some butt plugs, couple of vibrators, and a large collection of dildos and strap ons, laying them all out on the bed for future use. Picking up a vibrator, she flicked it on, taking it to her pussy, she closed her eyes, the buzz of the vibrator harmonious with the tingle in her body.

Stopping, she took the vibrator along and entered the shower. Sprawling herself on the shower floor with water running all over her body, she started fingering herself, closing her eyes as her fingers went deeper inside her pussy. Moaning slightly, she was enjoying herself, slowing down. Everytime she came closer to a release, before starting all over again, teasing herself on the edge, her breath getting laboured with every thrust of her fingers.

Coming home, Taylor unlocked the door with his key, thinking no one had come home yet before hearing the sound of water running in their bedroom. Entering the bedroom he saw Eliza’s dress crumpled on the floor along with her panties, toys laid out on the bed. Smiling, he went towards the bathroom.

Entering the bathroom, Taylor saw his wife sprawled on the shower floor, water running all around her. Her moans mixed with the sound of falling water. Walking over, he saw Eliza, eyes closed, fingering herself slowly, her pussy clenched around her fingers. Smiling, he bent down, kissing her pussy. Opening her eyes, Eliza looked up, smiling as Taylor met her gaze and then, pushing her hand away, started munching on her pussy, his tongue stabbing at her pussy, weaving its way inside. Eliza moaned with pleasure as Taylor kept sucking on her pussy, his hands wrapped around her thighs, holding her still. Deeper he went inside her, feeling her taste on his tongue as Eliza squirmed in his grip, unable to move, struggling to hold on as his tongue stabbed at her pussy with increasing speed, making her moan louder still.

Stopping, Taylor looked at his wife, mildly tugging at her pussy lips with his teeth before sucking on them and back inside her. “She is dancing to my tunes” he thought as he rolled his tongue slowly on the inside of her pussy, her back arching higher with every flick of his tongue. Increasing his speed, Taylor kept going, her taste on his tongue getting stronger as Eliza struggling to hold on finally came, the juices squirting out of her pussy and onto his tongue, mixing with the water flowing down his face. Still holding her, Taylor kept stabbing her pussy with increasing speed as she regularly came, the juices flowing freely out of her…

Taylor let go of her as Eliza finally moved, flopping onto the floor, her breath heaving as her pussy kept dripping. His mouth full of her juices, Taylor brought his mouth to her lips, sharing her juices with herself. Her body still tingling, Eliza wrapped her arms around Taylor, kissing him passionately as they shared her taste.. Smiling, Taylor rose, pulling up Eliza with himself. Taking off his wet shirt, he pushed Eliza to the wall, holding her arms tightly above her head with one hand while the other made its way down to her pussy as he started fingering her vigorously, his fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy quite easily as he forced them deeper inside her, his lips on hers, trampling her loud moans. Taylor kept fingering Eliza as she squirmed in his grip, her pussy clenching around his rapidly moving fingers till she, with the loudest moan till now, came once again, her body trembling on his hand as the juices squirted out of her and onto his hand. She came trembling for some time as Taylor kept fingering her, dripping all the juices out of her. Breathing heavily as Taylor let go of her, Eliza smiled at him. Bringing his fingers to her mouth, she sucked herself off them, her eyes sparkling with satisfaction all through..

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