Dinner Diaries part 1

Stepping into his wife's office, Taylor saw her busy talking to her secretary. He had come around for lunch, "and a lot more" he thought. Looking over, his wife, Eliza, pointed to the couch in the corner, signalling for him to wait. Smiling, he sat down, looking at her, and the brunette haired secretary, Elena, … Continue reading Dinner Diaries part 1

V.’s gift

*Illustration by Tina Maria Elena - Make Love – Watercolor Series nr. 17 http://tinamariaelena.com/ M.: How is your morning? V.: A little headache... M.: Oh, need looking after? V.: Well, you know what they say...Usually headache is because there's too much blood on your head... I guess you can help me with that M.: So you … Continue reading V.’s gift